Welcome to my Photography page

I have enjoyed photography for thirty or so years with Pratica SLR cameras which I still have.

I bought a Kodak DC280 in 2000 with a resolution of 2 mega pixels and a 3 x zoom it was a point and shoot camera with limited manual control. 

In 2003 I upgraded to a Canon G5, with 5 mega pixel resolution and settings from fully automatic to manual it is as close to my old SLR cameras as it is possible to get without spending well over a thousand pounds.

Then in 2005 I bought a Canon 5D SLR camera which I love. I don't propose to write loads about photography, there are magazines and books and websitesgalore for those of you who want to read about the subject.

I also have a couple of Olympus point and shoot cameras they are not bad but struggle in low light. I have just bought a Nikon P600 with an impressive 60X zoom which on first impression is a very capable camera I have produced a few sample pictures and short write up accessible from the menu (hover over photography for the link)  

Since 2010 I have printed a desk calendar for a few friends and family with images taken in Devon in the calendar month that they represent (though not of course in the same year). 

All the pictures are copyright Kevin Balding 2014. if you want to use an original photograph please

Calendar 2010

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