Welcome to my Painting Page

did art and technical drawing at school, and used to be ok at sketching and painting, but haven't painted for 40 years.

Recently I have been watching re-runs of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross (1942 - 1995) and love his easy style and relaxed presentation and particularly some of his sayings, 'we don't make mistakes we just have happy accidents' and his chuckle every time he washes his brush and 'beats the heck out of it' on an easel leg to dry it off.

Anyway this year my wife got me a load of Bob Ross painting equipment and a couple of canvases so after watching a few recorded episode and building an Easel, the water colour sketching easel that my Nan bought me for my 14th birthday was just not up to the job.

So faced with a blank canvas, I thought I'd try doing a picture of a mountain, one of Bob's recurring themes and was very surprised and pleased with the result,

My second attempt was equally pleasing to me, again an imaginary Mountain scene, for my third painting I thought I'd try a real scene so I fished through my photographs and came across a picture of Haytor Rocks from Hound Tor, another good result from my point of view as, Its at least recognisable as Haytor!

Bob Ross has done a few programmes painting seascapes so for my fourth painting I tried a seascape losely based on a view from Exmouth It's ok.

The next painting number 5 is of Ben Nevis I think my best yet and not a bad representation of the highest peak in Britain. I thought I'd try an imaginary waterfall next which again came out ok. I'll try another one and place the waterfall further back in the painting next time.

I slight departure for my next painting which is a Caribbean Island (based loosely on a few pictures from the Internet), I'm particularly pleased with the sky and the bushes in this one.

I was happy with the waterfall picture but felt I had the fall to close to the bottom of the picture so there was no indication of the river running away from it, so I have for my eighth painting re-visited the waterfall theme with not one but two falls.

Painting number 9 is back to the Mountain theme this time with a mountain lake but instead of generic fir trees I thought I'd have a go at a silver birch in the foreground, and attempt to get more detail in the bushes and foreground plants, I think the result is ok. The bit I find difficult is leaving gaps in the foliage so that you can see through it. more work to do here.