Nikon P600

On the 29th December 2014 I bought a Nikon P600 Super Zoom Camera to replace my Olympus 40X Zoom and taken a few snaps to try it out, it has a 60x zoom or 1,440mm-equivalent telephoto.

Here's a selection of pictures all taken hand held! All the pictures are as they came out of the camera, To Demonstrate the Zoom three of the pictures taken at the minimum zoom have a blow up in them of an area in the picture, The picture before is the original and the following picture is full zoom of the same thing, taken from the same place.

I have to say I am impressed with the clarity and detail and colour reproduction in the pictures, and I'm particularly impressed with the Vibration Reduction System in the camera,

On the down side it does take a while to zoom and sometimes the auto focus struggles, particularly with the pictures of the avocets surrounded by water where there was little detail to focus on.

All in all it coped extremely well with a few close up pictures, a couple taken into the sun, some wide landscape and tight zoom pictures Overall an impressive camera producing very pleasing results.

All the pictures are copyright Kevin Balding 2014. if you want to use an original photograph please