Welcome to my Motorcycling Page

I started motorcycling in the 1970's as a teenager in Exmouth owning a number of bikes. When I passed my car test, I carried on riding motorcycles for four or five years.

In the 70's you could ride a 250cc bike on L plates so I never bothered to take my motorcycle test. I bought a 125cc CZ in the late 80's and having ridden it for a few months I booked in for training with a view to taking the motorcycle test.

On the day the course started the weather was foul storm force winds and driving rain, I rang the driving school and said "I bet you have had loads of people cancel" he said "yes there are only two people who haven't cancelled" I told him that unfortunately I was one of them and that unfortunately had to cancel also, but I had a good excuse, nothing to do with the weather, Some had nicked my bike!

That was the end of my 1980's biking experience. In 2010, I bought a Vectrix Electric Motorcycle, classed as a 125cc so I was able to ride it on L plates, but to take Joyce as a pillion passenger I had to take my Motorcycle test.

So in September 2010 I did the CBT, part one of the test in October 2010 I passed module 1 and in January 2011 I passed Module 2. We started using the Vectrix to commute to work and Joyce enjoyed the biking experience, so much so that we bought a Kawasaki EL250 in February 2011 so that we could travel further afield than the Vectrix's 30 mile range.

In September I went on the Devon and Cornwall Police Bikesafe course, what they were saying about safety and positioning made lots of sense, so in October I signed up with the Institute of Advanced Motorists Skills for life course, which I did with Devon Advanced Motorcyclists. In June 2012 we bought a Suzuki SV650S and after getting used to the Suzuki I passed my IAM test in August 2012.

In January 2013 We traded up to a Honda CBF1000 with Givi panniers and top box, The CBF was a lovely bike and we did over 5000 miles on her (The map shows where we went) but the vibration was killing my wrists, so we had to find an alternative

In August 2013 I had a weeks leave and test rode a BMWR1200RT We picked up our new  RT on the 2nd September. A year later and we have put 10,000 miles on the clock